Dolphins Take Down Packers in Overtime

​Your Miami Dolphins were able to outlast an undermanned Green Bay Packers in a 23-20 overtime win on the road. As usual, the Dolphins kept things interesting, allowing an injury-riddled Packers team to keep things closer than they really should've been. Probably because the Dolphins didn't want the Chilean miners' rescue to be the only suspenseful news item of the week. Thanks a lot, Chilean miners!

The Packers best cover corner is Charles Woodson. But looking to minimize the possible damage Davone Bess would, and often does, inflict on their secondary, Green Bay put Woodson on Bess rather than Brandon Marshall.

They chose.... poorly.

As soon as Marshall saw that the Packers were not going to have Woodson guarding him, he went into the huddle and told Chad Henne, "Throw me the damn ball." The Robot obliged, and Marshall finished the day with ten catches for 127 yards.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Dolphins defense reads Riptide on a regular basis. Because, as we noted in our Keys to Victory post on Friday, they brought the ruckus all up on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers' face, sacking him five times for the game and intercepting him once. Cameron Wake unleashed a one-man crusade of balls-out groin crushing sacks on Rodgers, taking the Green Bay quarterback down three times and rushing him into errant throws all day.

For his part, Dan Carpenter went three-for-three on his field goal attempts, including a career-high 53-yarder. And in overtime, it was Carpenter's 44-yarder that sealed the win for Miami.

You'd think with all that went right for the Fins, the margin of victory would be much larger. But these are the Dolphins we're talking about. They just don't seem to understand that coffee is for closers.

Entering a game where pretty much the entire Packers roster was decimated by injuries, Miami still wasn't able to dominate on the scoreboard as they should have. An early drive-killing interception by Henne, questionable play-calling throughout by offensive coordinator Dan Henning, and just a flat out failure to put the game away, allowed the Packers to hang around to the very end.

With just 13 seconds remaining in regulation, Rodgers was able to score on a quarterback-sneak from the Dolphins one yard line. The touchdown knotted the game up at 20-20 and forced overtime. Even more dastardly, it allowed the Lambeau Field P.A. system to play Todd Rundgren's "Bang on the Drum" while Rodgers leapt into the stands. This is only amusing to Packers fans.

It was on their second drive of overtime that the Dolphins were finally able to figure out that the Packers defense was not only fielding a B-team pretty much exactly like the one you see with Betty White and Abe Vigoda in that Snickers commercial, but that you're also allowed to hand the ball off to Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams as much as you want. Miami pushed the ball down Green Bay's throat with running play after running play, eventually setting up Carpenter for the game-winning kick.

While fans might be complaining that Miami should have played more efficiently and beaten Green Bay by a lot more, a win is a win. The Dolphins come back home to face the Steelers next week with a 3-2 record and with renewed confidence.

Also, Justin Bieber is happy. So, you know, there's that.

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Chris Joseph