Dolphins Legend Mark Duper Arrested for Knocking a Kid Unconscious

Mark Duper spent 11 legendary years with the Miami Dolphins. Now he's spending some time behind bars.

The three-time Pro Bowler was arrested this morning for allegedly leaving a teenage boy unconscious after punching him in the face and slamming him onto the floor several times.

Update: According to News4Jax, the boy was Duper's own 17-year-old son. 

According to Local 10

, the incident happened yesterday in Jacksonville.

Duper, 54, was playing videogames with the boy and got into an argument with a teenage boy when the boy refused to pick a hat off the ground. 

Duper then punched the teen in the face and body-slammed him several times, knocking him out cold.

When the boy regained consciousness, Duper told him to leave. However, the teen returned the house to grab his jacket and again got into a physical confrontation with Duper. Hugh Green, a family friend and another former Miami Dolphin, had to intervene. 

The boy then purposely slammed his bicycle into Duper's car, which, of course, set off another row. Duper punched the boy and then choked him on the ground.

Green once again had to intervene, but not before Duper promised to kill the kid.

Duper now faces charges of child abuse.

Duper is a member of the Miami Dolphins' Ring of Honor and spent his entire NFL career with the team from 1982 to 1992.

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