Stephen Ross Must Fire Everyone After the Dolphins' Embarrassing Season-Ending Loss to Buffalo

Update: On Monday morning, Chris Grier, pictured above on the left, was named the Dolphins' general manager. Head coach Adam Gase confirmed to the Miami Herald that he was fired.

Miami Dolphins fans have had enough of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, head coach Adam Gase, and player-picker (not) extraordinaire Mike Tannenbaum.

From the looks of the team's effort Sunday in its mortifying, season-ending 42-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills, the trio and everyone else associated with the team has had just about enough of the Miami Dolphins.

It's probably better all parties go their separate ways. Everyone. All three of them. As soon as possible. Today, even.

If Sunday was indeed Tannehill's last game as a Dolphin, the results were fitting: 147 yards and two interceptions against the Bills, a team he never has beaten on the road. Regardless of who is on injured reserve or what the circumstances are, Tannehill must go.

A starting NFL quarterback must play better than a quarterback off the street. Tannehill didn't yesterday and mostly hasn't in his Dolphins' career. And that — more than the cherry-picked stats some of his supporters will point to — is why he'll be playing football for someone else next season.

Big picture-wise, the Dolphins crapping their pants to end the season in Buffalo was actually the best thing that could have happened to the franchise.

The loss skyrocketed the Dolphins from a potential draft pick as high as 18 or 19 to the 13th selection in next April's NFL lottery. Whomever Stephen Ross chooses to replace Mike Tannenbaum will be thankful for that. Possibly the man who used to wear #13 would enjoy being asked to pick a player at #13. Just an idea.

The embarrassing loss to Buffalo removes any doubt about this Dolphins team heading into the offseason — they're in need of a total rebuild. It was rumored Ross somehow cared about what happened in Buffalo yesterday as if there wasn't already plenty of data to judge both head coach Gase and Tannehill. The loss negates any chance Ross would be swayed by a cheap, meaningless win against a bad Buffalo team.

All in all, losing to the Bills was a much-needed dose of reality for the Dolphins and any fans still hoping Ryan Tannehill is anything but average. Gase can't coach his way out of a paper bag, and Tannenbaum has put together, well, nothing.

Most fans had already realized this before Sunday. Some finally came to the realization then. Pretty much everyone came to Twitter to vent about it. Here's a little taste of that.
Now that the season is over, it's time for Stephen Ross to clean house. The search for someone who can make smart, forward-thinking decisions that will lead to the Dolphins being a perennial contender, not just a fringe playoff team once a decade, must start now.

The current trio of Gase, Tannehill, and Tannenbaum ain't it, chief. Send them on their way and let's start this thing over. Again. 
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