Documenting the Bi-Sexy Trend

Miami documentarian Claudia Forestieri is on to something. Or, at least, she’s picked a juicy enough topic for her latest project - which dives into what she calls “the bi-sexy phenomenon.”

“A bi-sexy female is someone who is straight, but projects the image of bisexuality because it’s perceived as cool or attractive,” she says. “I compare it to breast implants ten years ago.”

The comparison makes sense: It’s a fake-out. It’s popular in the clubs. And it’s usually to snag attention from men.

Forestieri, who used to be a TV reporter for Telemundo, cites numbers to back up her theories about the social trend. According to the Center for Disease Control, women ages 18-25 who report having had a bisexual experience has tripled since 1990.

So what’s up with all the girl on girl? She attributes the increase to the reality TV boom, the popularity of the internet, not to mention raunchy pop culture gems like Girls Gone Wild.

She’s been spending time interviewing one bi-faker and a set of truly bisexual twin ladies (male sex fantasy, much?) who are irked by straight girls stomping on the legitimacy of their sexual orientation. And she’s trying (unsuccessfully, so far) to build a relationship with Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild.

She’ll also address the cultural double standard for men. “When two attractive women make out, they become more feminine. When two men do, they’re seen as less masculine.”

Miami is just the right hedonistic “petri dish” for the documentary, she says. The city is “the capital of sexy,” where people come to hook up, party, and wear as little as possible.

The documentary is in it’s formative stages - and she’s not yet sure about a screening date - but we’ll keep you updated.

- Natalie O'Neill

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