Doctor Involved in Live-Birth Horror Has His License Revoked

No matter what side of the abortion debate they're on, most folks agree unscrupulous abortion clinics are a problem. In 2006, New Times chronicled a ring of connected abortion clinics with a history of botched terminations and unprofessional behavior.

At one clinic, a woman originally hired to do janitorial work assisted in procedures as a nurse. At another, doctors botched operations and didn't return phone calls of suffering patients. But undoubtedly the worst incident involved an abortion scheduled to be performed at 23 weeks. The woman, Sycloria Williams, claims she went into labor. The clinic's owner, who did not have a medical license, cut the umbilical cord and  placed the child in a medical waste bag. Authorities were quickly alerted to the incident, but clinic staff hid the remains of the child on the roof.

Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacques Renelique was scheduled to perform the procedure but failed to show up, even after it was known Williams was in distress. Williams is suing Renelique. The Florida Board of Medicine will hear the case today and decide whether to strip the doctor of his license.

Update: It's revoked. 

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