DJ Seasunz to Murder Victim: "Good and Evil... Have Chosen Me to Be Their Leader"

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After Juan Carlos Portieles, AKA DJ Seasunz, murdered his teenaged girlfriend, Jaclyn Torrealba, in October 2009, investigators began to comb through the wealth of correspondence the two had amassed in their two-year relationship. Police and prosecutors unearthed dozens of pages of text messages between the two, and records of hundreds of phone conversations, including more than 200 in the period between the beginning of September and Torrealba's death on October 11. But perhaps the most illuminating find was an undated, handwritten letter, full of bizarre statements about forgiveness and love, that Portieles had composed for the girl.

In the letter, which Portieles addressed to "Jaclyn, aka beautiful," the DJ and promoter expressed his undying love for a girl nearly half his age, telling her that their relationship would be "the greatest love story ever told." But the letter also gave disturbing glimpses into his substance abuse, his anger, and his deteriorating mental state, including a belief that he would be a warrior for good and evil.

Portieles begins the letter with an explanation of his goals:

My intentions are simple, to make you understand the power of forgiveness and I think I can make you, no better yet I think I can teach you just like you taught me "to love unconditionally." [sic]

Then he lays out his adoration:

Before I met you I thought I knew what love was. ... It was not until I met Jaclyn that I knew I finally grasped the concept of the word love and the powers that live with in love. How could I be so sure that I "really" did fall in "love" with you if I've said these words before? ... I wanted to be certain, and then it hit me. Besides you being so special (which is what separates you from any other person), but that's your trait. For me it was the power of forgiveness and lack of resentments for any wrong doings you may have committed. That's when I realized that I, JC aka the sea and the sun is in love with Jaclyn and it's real, true and unconditional! [sic]

After repeatedly noting that he's forgiven Jaclyn every time she "did something wrong," Portieles gets philosophical:

2 very important lessons to remember in life. "He who is perfect cast the 1st stone" and "only GOD can judge me." I put those 2 perspectives together and analyzed closely with precise detail everytime you lied or did anything wrong to me and said to myself: can I cast any stones at Jaclyn? Am I superior to God, hence earning me a spot to judge Jaclyn? Everytime I found myself answering NO to these rhetorical questions. And why? Because A) I love you B) I forgive you C) I respect you D) U R PERFECT! [sic]

The next three pages of the letter -- in which Portieles says he'll write down "every single lie or incident I could use against you to judge you" -- are missing. He writes that he's saving those for a book in which "Jaclyn will be the longest chapter." Then he starts the forgiveness rants all over again, along with a chilling promise.

If you have any concerns for what has been written about you, I beg you don't worry because you have been forgiven! It has no relevance or importance to me: It should be significant to you, hence that's what will make you a better person. I've always said I will never hurt you on purpose (but because of the laws of probability), I have always said if I ever do hurt you, it's unintentional and unknowingly so please forgive me if I ever do so and you have respected me in the past by acknowledging what I've said. [sic]

The next page of the letter concerns an incident in which Portieles admits to drinking too much, blacking out, and waking up in Overtown "in the middle of nowhere" without his cell phone and having apparently caused a rupture in his relationship with Torrealba.

I thought my life was over. But no matter how much it hurt me to lose my phone, I realized that I could go on and start from scratch, until I realized that I just didn't lose my phone but I lost the most amazing girl in the universe--JACLYN. How is it possible for the girl I love the most after my mother now hates me? [sic]

Then the letter abruptly ends, as Portieles promises to "thicken the plot and get into detail about my spirituality in the next couple of pages," none of which are present. But he ends the letter on a frightening note.

There is a constant dual between good and evil and for some reason both sides have chosen me to be their leader. [sic]

Read the full letter below:

Seasunz Love Letter

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