DJ Khaled Snapchatted His Son's Birth While Playing "I Got the Keys"

DJ Khaled's greatest true skill is standing next to artists, recording them, and shouting over them on hit songs. Khaled is the featured artist on his Gold-selling single "For Free" despite the fact that he did not write, produce, or perform the song.

So why would Khaled handle a little thing like the miracle of childbirth any differently? Yesterday the Miami mogul's fiancée, Nicole Tuck, gave birth to Khaled's first child. He handled the milestone exactly the way you think DJ Khaled would: He stood right next to Tuck as she did all the work and then put the entire thing on Snapchat.

Oh, and he blasted his club banger "I Got the Keys," a song that is roughly as comforting as a police siren, at foghorn volume just as his son came into the world. Khaled is clearly an A+ boyfriend who totally knows how to pamper a lady:

Khaled also reportedly played Lauryn Hill's "To Zion" and Buju Banton's "Destiny" as his son entered the world. 

Khaled went on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last week to announce he'd be firing up his Snapchat while his lady was in labor. When Kimmel asked whether Tuck was cool with the whole Snapchat escapade, Khaled said he was "the king" and, therefore, the "queen should support the king." Oh, and he appears to be miles from Tuck in every single photo:

A photo posted by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) on

Khaled, we love you. We do. But please, on behalf of both Miami and America: Get off your damn phone for 12 minutes and hold your fiancée's hand, bro. Also, stop saying weird shit about fatherhood.

Let's put this in terms you understand better: The key is empathy. That's major.
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