Director of 6-Year-Old's Raunchy Rap Video "Booty Pop" Speaks: "I Don't Regret It"

The internet is scornful again. This time, it's a music video called "Booty Pop", in which a 6-year-old South Florida aspiring rapper named Albert Roundtree, Jr. uses a super soaker to hose down gyrating chicks in bikinis, which has made the world wide web very angry.

Vibe thought about calling child services upon viewing the sexualization of a six-year-old. Yesterday we scolded the video chicks themselves: "At what point does stripping down to a bikini and shaking your ass in the face of a kid who should still be watching Nick Jr. sound like a good idea?"

Then we called the director behind the video. "It's supposed to be a joke, but I'd say about 30 percent of the people watching it find it funny," admitted Tyler Council, president of Froze-N-Time Productions, which is based in Oakland Park. "But I still don't regret it."

Council says he was commissioned to do the video by Albert's parents, who hope their son becomes a rap star from it. They paid "peanuts", he says without getting into dollar amounts, but he did the video because he needed a quick gig.

"He's just trying to imitate his idols that he hears on the radio," says Council of Albert. "There's no touching going on, there's no drug abuse."

He uploaded the video to Facebook on Monday. It's exploded since then, with Council expecting it will hit a million views by the end of the week. "Especially on the internet," he says, "negative publicity is the best."

But he doesn't quite understand the fervor. His comedy video group, The Reel Idiots, makes "a whole lot of movies that are more vulgar and more offensive than 'Booty Pop'."

Well, here is a video they made where a guy is jerking off in a bathtub full of blood:

There's good news: Albert's parents already bought another video, and Council's going to direct it.

Its title? "Girls, Girls, Girls".

Council doesn't know what that video will be like yet. "I haven't had time to think about anything besides 'Booty Pop' because it's destroying the internet," he says. "His belly button is more important that Andy Griffith dying, and Obama getting the healthcare act past the Supreme Court. I think it's ridiculous."

Council adds that everybody in his production company is a veteran. He himself served in the Coast Guard. Says Council: "I guarantee people freaking out about 'Booty Pop' don't have any idea how many soldiers died in Iraq last week."

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Gus Garcia-Roberts