Dhafir Harris, AKA Dada 5000, Gets National Press Ahead of Dawg Fight, New Rakontur Doc

Dhafir Harris, AKA Dada 5000, king of back-yard fights, has plenty to be thankful for. Three years ago,

the Perrine native decided being a member of Kimbo Slice's entourage

wasn't for him, so he set out to become the P.T. Barnum of Miami's back-yard fighting

circuit. We chronicled

the early days of Harris's mission when he used to boast about

putting on no-rules bare-knuckle brawls at the American Airlines

Arena before a melée involving fighters and spectators almost made

him call it quits.

But Harris persevered -- and it has paid off with

ongoing media interest in his story, from national magazines to a forthcoming documentary by Rakontur. We recently caught up with Harris to talk about all the attention.

"To this day, people tell me I made a mistake leaving Kimbo's side," Harris says. "Yet now I am in a position that I can charge people for use of my name."

Harris was busy preparing for his first annual turkey giveaway tomorrow afternoon when we spoke with him.

In its December issue, Maxim profiles how the Miami-based filmmakers from Rakontur made Dada's blood-curdling circus the subject of their upcoming documentary, Dawg Fight. Rakontur finished filming for the doc following Harris's pro debut win March 5 of last year.

While the company has been busy wrapping up and releasing other projects (The U, Square Grouper, and Limelight), Harris was featured on the front page of the Miami Herald, in a week-long series on Telemundo about back-yard fights, and in a segment on E:60, a news-magazine-style show on ESPN.

On Rakontur's blog, cofounder and executive producer Alfred Spellman says he recently watched a rough cut of Dawg Fight and hinted the film won't be anything like the company's previous work.

"It's a totally different style for us, but works on so many levels," Spellman says. "If you have been anxiously awaiting this docu since we posted the first reel in March 2009, a couple months after we started production, you won't be disappointed."

Harris is confident Dawg Fight will make him a pop culture icon as Cocaine Cowboys I and II did for Griselda Blanco, Mickey Munday, Jon Roberts, and Charles Cosby.

"Once this movie drops, it's a wrap," Harris says. "It's going to be bigger than Rocky Balboa."

Dada 5000's First Annual Giving Back 2 the Hood Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway: 3 p.m. Nov. 22. Brawlers Extreme MMA Boxing Academy: 18621 SW 107th Ave., Miami.

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