Dave Aronberg Insults Dan Gelber for Being From Miami in Democratic Attorney General Primary

With the primary election just weeks away, even previously boring races are beginning to heat up. The battle for the Democratic nomination for attorney general is getting slightly crazy, with Dan Gelber and Dave Aronberg, both Florida senators, making lawyer disses. Gelber dismissed Aronberg as a "junior lawyer," and now Aronberg has attacked Gelber as a "Miami lawyer," implying that being from this town is somehow evil.

Here's Aronberg's latest ad, which has about eight seconds of a Dan Gelber attack at the end.

Now, if you have only eight seconds to attack your opponent, why is it that the only words you seem to include are Miami and tainted? Is Aronberg implying that one is as bad as the other? That's how some observers are taking it.

It's a stupid attack for two reasons: (1) Miami-Dade is Florida's largest county, and you'd be stupid in a statewide race to offend its citizens by implying that being from their city is somehow a negative. (2) Aronberg was born and raised in Miami, he graduated from North Miami Senior High, and his first professional job was at, you guessed it, a Miami law firm.

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