Dan Fanelli, Alan Grayson's Tea Party Opponent, Runs Pro-Racial Profiling Ad

Hot liberal mess Congressman Alan Grayson is one of the Tea Party movement's biggest congressional targets for 2010. Respected politician Dan Webster, who served in the state legislature from 1980 until 2008, is the biggest name and presumed front runner in the Republican primary. That hasn't stopped a tea party-affiliated candidate from trying his hand.

Meet Dan Fanelli. He's running for Grayson's central Florida seat, and he wants you to know that he really, really loves racial profiling (almost as much as what he sees when he looks in the mirror).

In a new campaign commercial Fanelli first points to an older, bespectacled white man and asks "Does this look like a terrorist?" Then a hulking darker skinned man wearing a muscle shirt and a sneer steps on screen, and Fanelli asks "Or does this?"

"It's time to stop this political correctness and the invasion of our privacy," says Fanelli. "Our" apparently means only white people, and not the vaguely middle eastern looking folks who would get pulled out of an airport line to be investigated.

"If a good looking, ripped guy with out much hair was flying airplanes into the twin towers I'd have no problem being pulled out of line at the airport," he concludes.

We're pretty sure that good looking, ripped guys with out much hair have been involved in airplane-based terrorism before. I mean, has this guy even seen Con Air?

That's not the only ad. There's others. Including this one with the same "terrorist" actor in a turban and vest made of explosives:

And this one illustrating death panals:

[via Talking Points Memo]

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Kyle Munzenrieder