Dallas Mavericks Go Clubbing on South Beach With Championship Trophy

Well, insult has been definitively added to injury. After they stomped the Miami Heat 105-95 in game 6, the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks -- and owner Mark Cuban -- went clubbing on South Beach.

Yup. The same Dirk Nowitzki who was so coolly walking into the locker room alone after the Mavs clinched the title then stormed into LIV at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach with the Larry O'Brien Trophy, if we can believe the pictures being passed around Twitter. We don't want to believe, but it appears we must.

Find a cushion if you're prone to fainting. This is hard to look at.

What the hell is this? How does this happen?

"Hey, should we boo them out of the club?"

"Nah, let's get our picture taken with them and pretend to be Heat fans again tomorrow."

People are going to be crapping on Miami forever about this. If a Mets player ever walked into a Philadelphia bar he'd be bludgeoned to death with a bronze cast of Steve Carlton's left arm. The Mavs beat Miami for the NBA title and they party all night. And it looks like LIV had confetti in Mavericks colors, according to a tweet from a club-goer. They'll be getting a call in the morning.

We almost had it.

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