Cuba Hates All Florida's Senate Candidates the Same

With months to go before the primary elections, candidates are still locking down endorsement. One bit of support that none of the candidates want though is that of Cuba's government controlled press. Luckily, Granma published a story yesterday critical of all four major candidates.

In reaction to a lunch in held by the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC in which Republicans Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio and Democrats Kendrick Meek and Maurice Ferre all espoused a hardline attitude towards relations with Cuba, the paper called all four part of "the mechanism of mafia domination of the city of Miami and U.S. policy toward Cuba."

The article also alleged that Ferre has ties to Alpha 66, and noted that Crist's family comes from Cyprus, a country currently ruled by their communist party.

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Kyle Munzenrieder