Critical Mass Rides Through Little Havana and Coral Gables Tonight

It's the last Friday of August, which means everyone is either out of town on vacation or about to ride in this month's Critical Mass bicycle meetup. Last month, the ride plowed right through Miami's active Zika-transmission zone in Wynwood — tonight, it'll zip along the arguably safer roads of Little Havana and Coral Gables.
We say "arguably safer," because after the ride begins at Government Center at 7:15 tonight, it will snake along West Flagler Street, which has been torn to shreds by ongoing road construction. From there, the ride will cut across Beacom Boulevard to SW Eighth Street, hook left down Ponce de Leon Boulevard, and continue across Coral Way until it hits SW 22nd Avenue. From there, it will head back north to Calle Ocho, turn left on SW 12th Avenue, continue right on SW First Street, and then snake back to Government Center.

Though the folks who organize the ride ask bikers every month to stay off sidewalks, obey all traffic laws, and generally bike like adults, there's an added warning this month: Be careful around Flagler Street, which currently resembles the Korean demilitarized zone. And please, no weaving in and out of traffic cones.

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