Crist Backers Send Flyers Picturing Rubio With Che Guevara

How desperate are backers of Charlie Crist's independent Senate campaign? Apparently desperate enough to send a flyer to Republican voters picturing Republican Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, juxtaposed next to an image of Che Guevara while claiming the conservative former state House speaker "voted like a liberal" on illegal immigrants.

The flyer will be sent by Friends of Freedom and Prosperity, an 827 group set up by Sen. Mike Fasano to support Crist's campaign.

The front proclaims Rubio "voted like a liberal" on illegal immigration and "forced other Republican to follow!" It pictures Rubio standing before a poorly Photoshopped hodgepodge of protesters. Over one shoulder are two men holding a xenophobic sign reading "This is our continent, not yours"; over the other is a picture of Che Guevara. Picturing Rubio with Che is a pretty big insult, consider his parents fled Castro's Cuba.

The back says that as speaker, Rubio championed two bills that gave the children of illegal immigrants health insurance and in-state college tuition.

Neither of those bills ultimately became law.

The flyer was sent by an unrelated 827 and proclaims it doesn't support any specific candidate. So the Crist campaign probably had no idea this was being sent out, even if it's supposed to help him. The thing is, it probably won't. If Rubio is a liberal, Crist in comparison is a friggin' communist.

[The Buzz: Rubio soft on illegal immigration, pro-Crist mailer claims]

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Kyle Munzenrieder