Cops Videotaped Pulling Guns on Innocent UM Student on His First Day of Class

UMPD holds student at gunpoint in a case of mistaken identity from Miami Hurricane on Vimeo.

Jordan Chusid, a transfer student who originally attended UCF, was just about to leave campus after his first day attending University of Miami. Then he got an ol' Miami-style welcome: a gun to the head

Last Wednesday, he was talking on his cell phone when cops ran up to him with guns drawn and ordered him to get down on the ground. Apparently, Chusid matched the identity of a suspect who stole a motorcycle from the law school earlier in the day. Why cops decided they needed to point their weapons at an unarmed kid casually walking through campus, suspect or not, isn't clear. 

But here's the truly great part: The whole incident went down in the courtyard of the communications school. You know, where all the future journalists, videographers, etc., study, so the entire thing was caught on camera, and some enterprising young student immediately got an interview with the shaken Chusid. Video above, via the Miami Hurricane's Vimeo page

The officers' actions are under investigation. 

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