Connie Mack Charged $470 in Brooks Brothers Clothes to His Campaign

It's not exactly on the level of Sarah Palin's 2008 clothing controversy, but in the spirit of harping on equal opportunity wardrobe scandals maybe we should point out that senate candidate Connie Mack charged about $470 in clothes from Brooks Brothers to his campaign. The Buzz points out that would be in violation of FEC regulations, but the Mack campaign says it was an oversight that its fixing.

Mack's campaign made two identical charges of $234 to a Brooks Brothers store in Jacksonville on April 12 and May 16, according to The Buzz. With the exception of things like campaign t-shirts and hats and such, the FEC forbids candidates from spending campaign dough on personal clothing. Charging about $470 for some fancy Brooks Brothers violates those laws.

Mack's campaign says it was an oversight made a by an unaware staffer who was too lazy to go to the dry cleaner.

"The Brooks Brothers charges were mistaken, inappropriate charges made by travel staff," Mack spokesman David James told the Buzz. "All charges have been reversed in the form of a reimbursement by staff which will show up in the next report."

"Nothing more here than a staffer taking a liberty instead of finding a dry cleaner," he added. "Aren't you going to ask about taxes, ObamaCare or job creation?"

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