Condo Owners Ignore Recycling Ordinance, Beach to Offer Drop-Offs

Miami-Dade can feel Third World sometimes. It seems like there are more chickens than humans on Little Haiti's sidewalks; Overtown boasts a single working street lamp; and western Dade rivals Cuba when it comes to blackmarket slaughterhouses.

Then there's the environmental and recycling stuff. Although the county passed an ordinance last year requiring building owners to offer the service, landlords aren't following that rule -- big surprise. And officials aren't doing much in the way of enforcement.

Luiz Rodrigues, who runs the Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach, estimates he has gotten about 50 complaints from residents on the subject. (Riptide, too, has tried unsuccessfully to set up the service at three different apartments in two years.) Writes Andrea from the Flamingo in South Beach: "I live at... one of the largest rental and condo complexes on Miami Beach, and yet they have no program or any provisions set up for the residents to recycle anything."

(Flamingo's general manager could not be reached immediately for comment.)

At a meeting last week, ECOMB took steps to set up three recycling drop-offs around Miami Beach for folks like Andrea, who don't like the idea of dumping truckloads of glass and plastic into a landfill. One of the locations will be at ECOMB offices at 210 Second Street. The other spots haven't been decided yet.

Says Rodrigues: "It's the right thing to do."

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Natalie O'Neill
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