Commemorate Your Ponzi Scheme Losses with a Nice Decorative Tile

Have you been swindled out of your life savings in a massive Ponzi scheme? Are you looking for the perfect way to remember all those heady days of 15 percent returns before the market collapsed? Do you just love R. Allen Stanford's manly Texas mustache?

A Florida entrepreneur has the product for you!

Kosmas Ballis, proprietor of the Fort Myers-based Edison Clay Co., is hawking ceramic tiles with the likeness of Sir Allen -- the Texan accused of building an $8 billion Ponzi scheme whose tale New Times brought you last week -- for just $29.99.

Ballis, who's selling the tiles on eBay, writes in the ad that the "tiles can be used for a variety of purposes such as being framed, used as decorative wall tile, or for any number of other uses." He adds: "This would be an ideal gift for a friend or for family."

Ballis tells Reuters that he's already sold about 30 Stanford tiles.

He only made 1,000 and then "destroyed the molds" according to eBay, so -- like any good Ponzi scheme -- you'd better get in on this while you still can.

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