Coked-Up Russian Tapes Himself Going 260 MPH

Continuing the sad tradition of douchebag foreigners coming to Miami and being videotaped doing seriously fucked-up chemically enhanced things, this Russian decides it would be totally awesome to mug for the camera while endangering local drivers.

For the first couple of minutes, this Soviet bro is more concerned with dancing around for his friend holding the camera, flicking it off, and licking the lens than he is with watching the road. Then he decides to push his BMW (rented?) to the limit and goes 260 mph. From what we can tell, one of the tags, "кокаин," is Russian for "cocaine."

The profile of the YouTube user, "Fucru," lists Miami as his location and features other videos of the guy in exotic cars driving around

town. But despite the fact he seems to always have one hand on the

camera, none of his antics is as dangerous as this one. YouTube lists his style as "Parody,"

and this video is posted under "Comedy." Unless there's some sort of digital trickery going on here, and the joke is on us, we're not laughing. 

Knowing this guy was loose on our roads seriously scares the hell out of us.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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