Coconut Grove's "Favorite" Panhandler Has His Bike Stolen

A few summers ago I had a part-time job in Cocowalk. Like most people who spend a lot of time wandering through the shopping district in Coconut Grove I came across the "80 Cents Guy" numerous time. He was usually found sitting of Grand near infront of the Mayfair shops, and without fail, asked every one who passed by if they "had 80 cents for the bus?" Always 80 centers. Never more. Never less. Never mind the fact that bus far is actually $2. 

Coconut Grove Grapevine has been chronicling the saga of 80 cents guy in his never ending quest for 80 cents, and reports that he had come into possession of a bicycle. Perfect, he'll never have to catch that bus again (though, I never actually ever saw him get on a bus.) But tragically it seems that his bike was stolen within a week. Guess it's back to begging for 80 cents. It strikes me as a story that plays out repeatedly in Miami: hustling so hard to make it to the big time (in this case the big time of bike ownership), only to have it all taken out from under you. 

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