Christian Slater's Vote Didn't Count, Thanks to Miami-Dade County

Christin Slater was once on Hollywood's A-List, but he wasn't on Miami-Dade's voter list.

Like almost everyone in Miami-Dade, Slater (who lives here now, who knew?) had a hell of a time voting on Election Day. After waiting in line for four hours, he was told he wasn't properly registered. He ended up casting a provisional ballot, but he was just informed that his vote didn't count.

Slater documented his Election Day troubles on Twitter:

Then, just recently, he got a letter from the Miami-Dade Elections office informing him that his vote didn't count after all. He posted it to Twitter, but took it down. Buzzfeed managed to save it. Note, however, that it's addressed to "Christina Slater." Good job, Miami-Dade.

Apparently, the signature he put on his provisional ballot didn't match the one in his voter record.

Let this be a lesson to you all that you should make sure you voter registration is up to date before you head to the polls. If we know anything about voting in Miami-Dade County, it's that you shouldn't leave anything up to chance.

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Kyle Munzenrieder