Christian Family Coalition Asks Rick Scott to Stop Selling Pornography to Latinos

The Christian Family Coalition, a Miami-based group that hems way to the right on social issues, is calling Gov-elect Rick Scott to stop selling pornography to Latinos. So when reviewing Scott's business past they weren't, like every other sane person, so much concerned that he ran a company that was responsible for the biggest Medicare fraud case in American history, as they were that he owns a stake in a social networking site aimed at Latinos that has a business partnership with Playboy Mexico.

Scott owns shares in, a sort of MySpace-like site aimed at Latinos. The site has a deal with Playboy Mexico, and users are asked to vote for the magazine's "Cyber Girl of the Month." Bill McCollum's campaign tried unsuccessfully to make an issue of the connection in the primary, and in the general election Scott highlighted his investment in to show his ties to the Hispanic community.

Now CFC is dredging up the issue again.

"We cannot have a governor in the state of Florida that invests in companies that sell pornography," Rev. Mark D. Boykin said, a Boca Raton minister associated with the group, tells Naked Politics. "We are asking that before he takes the oath of office, Gov.-elect Scott gets rid of his stocks from QuePasa Corporation. The governor of the state of Florida should not be benefiting or have an interest in pornography. It goes against our family values."

This isn't the first time CFC has tried to make an issue of the site. They posted this release on their site during the campaign:

According to this report Rick Scott, his family partnership and a trust in his wife's name own 2 million shares in a company called Quepasa Corporation.

According to this Network Solutions report Quepasa Corp. owns the web site which according to this May 26, 2010 Market Wire report recruits latino women to be porn models for Quepasa Playboy Mexico. Certainly, the hundreds of wom! en who are not selected by Playboy have a heightened interest in making money from porn and are subsequently more likely to be recruit subjects for other hedonistic venues.

Additionally, includes a section for homosexual sex partner relationship networking.

This is the CURRENT business investment practices of Rick Scott, his family partnership and a trust in his wife's name and not something that happened ten years ago. Some political sites have attempted to dilute the issue of Scott's investment in by stating that most of the stock is in his family partnership or wife's trust. However, according to this July 2, 2010 report the trust of Rick Scott's wife gave his campaign $2 million.

Therefore, with his wife's trust spending millions on his campaign their combined stock holdings of Quepasa Corp. is very relevant.

How can Rick Scott call himself "an across-the-board conservative" when he, his family partnership and his wife's trust profit from a web site that recruits young women into the porn industry?

How can Rick Scott claim with any integrity "I ... support traditional marriage" when he, his family partnership and his wife's trust profit from a web site that encourages homosexual relationships?

Leaders of the group plan to hold a press conference in front of's West Palm Beach headquarters today.

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