Chris Bosh Really Wants to Return to the Court, but The Heat Won't Let Him

The Heat have made it to the second round of the playoffs without having the help of one of their marquee stars since the All-Star Break. Putting Chris Bosh back in the game would instantly make the Heat the prohibitive favorites over the Toronto Raptors, and Bosh really, really wants back in the game. 

Here's the thing: the Heat are very wary of letting him. As it turns out they're genuinely worried about the big man's health and have consulted with a number of doctors who affirm that, indeed, putting Bosh back on the court would be a major risk. 

In a situation reminiscent of Republicans vs Climate Change, Bosh meanwhile might have found the one guy willing to cut across the expert consensus and allow him to play. He may even get the players' union involved. 

Back in February 2015, Bosh was diagnosed with a blood clot in his lung, a potentially fatal condition if not managed correctly. He wouldn't return to play for the rest of the season, and later admitted he was lucky to be alive

A calf injury sidelined him again before this All-Star Break, and doctors discovered that his blood clot problem had returned. He hasn't played since. Bosh had maintained that his situation isn't as serious this time around, and has been on blood thinners to manage the condition. 

The Heat's doctors, however, fear that the side effects of blood thinners could lead to a potentially dangerous and not to mention bloody situation should Bosh get injured on the court. So on the sidelines he has remained. 

Well, yesterday Dan Le Batard reported that despite those risks, Bosh is pushing to play. 

“It’s a super unusual situation," Le Batard said on air according to the Miami Herald. "I can’t think of a lot of instances where a sports organization is acting in what appears to be the best interest of the player over their own interests and against the will of the player. From the people I’m talking to, Chris Bosh wants back on the court and now, and the Heat on medical advice are saying absolutely not." 

“Now I’m hearing the Bosh’s want so badly on the court that they’re trying to get the union involved," he continued. "They found a doctor who might be willing to clear him."

Of course, the Heat would have no reason whatsoever to keep Bosh on the sidelines unless they were seriously worried about his health. Le Batard reports the Heat have talked "consulted the foremost authorities in the world." Bosh meanwhile has one guy who might be willing to clear him. 

Winning another round of the playoffs with Bosh's help might feel good for everyone involved in an ideal world, and clearly Bosh is willing to take the chance.

However, watching an athlete suffer a potentially life-threatening or otherwise gruesome injury on court would certainly not be a feel good moment for anyone. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder