Chris Bosh Is Officially Out for Remainder of the Playoffs

All of that rumored behind-the-scenes drama has apparently been smoothed over, because Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat jointly announced this afternoon that the blood-clot-plagued big man will not return to the court during the rest of the playoffs this year. 

The official statement was delivered on Twitter and Instagram via a screenshot of an iPhone's Notes app, which is apparently just how things work now.  Bosh was also sidelined last season after suffering blood clots and later admitted he was lucky to be alive. The problem resurfaced in the middle of this season, and Bosh was again put on blood thinners to manage the condition. The combination of the condition and the side effects of the medication could lead to a potentially serious situation if he were to be injured on court

The Heat had consulted numerous doctors and experts about Bosh's condition, and the consensus was to keep him on the bench. 

Intriguingly, Dan Le Batard reported on his show earlier this week that because Bosh was feeling fine in his day-to-day life, he thought he should be able to play. The radio jock even reported that the basketball jock had found an outside doctor who would clear him to play and was investigating the possibility of getting the NBA Players' Union involved. 

Apparently, both sides have smoothed things out and have agreed to keep Bosh on the bench until next year. 

The Heat is currently battling the Toronto Raptors (Bosh's former team) in the second round of the playoffs. The Heat leads 1-0 after last night's thrilling win. 

A series win would likely set the Heat up to vie for the Eastern Conference championship against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, which would surely be a ratings bonanza. 

Obviously, having Bosh back on the court would improve not only  the Heat's chance of getting to that faceoff with LeBron, but also the overall drama factor once there. But the Heat is putting its players' health first. Barring, of course, the slim possibility of any future Notes app screenshot statements from the pair. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder