Charlie Crist Is Dick Armey's #1 "Enemy of Liberty"

Tough day for Charlie Crist, ain't it? First he lost his lead in the Republican Senate primary, and now it's come to light that he is the Tea Party movement's number one "Enemy of Liberty." 

Dick Armey's FreedomWorks PAC, which is tighter with the Tea Party movement  (coincidentally, an army of...) than peanut butter is with jelly, released its list of targets for the 2010 election cycle

Number one on the "Top-Tier Targets" is the Florida Senate race, with Crist listed as an "Enemy of Liberty" and Marco Rubio labeled a "Champion of Freedom." Remember when the words liberty and freedom actually meant something and weren't just tossed around in cheap political rhetoric? Ha-ha, us neither. 

Florida's Alan Grayson is also listed as a top-tier "Enemy of Liberty," though a freedom champ foil hasn't been decided. 

Elsewhere in the Sunshine State, these congresspeople make second-tier "Enemy of Liberty" status: Ron Klein (who will take on Allen West), Suzanne Kosmas, and Blue Dog Democrat Allen Boyd. 

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