Charlie Crist Holds 11-Point Lead in Senate Race

When Charlie Crist announced his candidacy for Senate, everyone kind of threw up their hands and thought, Well, guess ol' Charlie is gonna be our next senator. But then he hugged Obama, and Marco Rubio and his brave battalion of Tea Partiers stormed his ships and threw all of his tanning oil into the Gulf of Mexico or something.

But Crist is a survivor, he went independent, and if he keeps polling like this, it might be time again to throw up our hands and think, Well, guess ol' Charlie is gonna be our next senator.

A new poll from the right-leaning Chamber of Commerce shows Crist 11 points ahead of Rubio.

Forty-two percent of Floridians say they back Crist, compared to just 31 percent who back Rubio. Meanwhile, the official Democrat, Kendrick Meek, trails with a disappointing 14 percent. Crist's move to the center hasn't helped Meek any in polling.

Meanwhile, in the gubernatorial race, things are shifting fast.

Shady billionaire Rick Scott continues his big lead over establishment GOP pick Bill McCollum in the Republican primary, 35 percent to 30 percent.

Bud Chiles, son of the late Democratic Gov. Lawton Chiles and who is running as an independent, is shaping up to be something of a spoiler for Democratic frontrunner Alex Sink.

In the three-way matchups, Scott gets 31 percent and McCollum gets 30 percent. No matter who the Republican is, Sink gets 26 percent and Chiles gets a pretty impressive 15 percent.

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