Charlie Crist Gets a Little Biparistan Curious with Prez Obama

Gov. Charlie Crist has secretly been in the tank for Obama since the very beginning. First he did nothing to stop Florida's primary from being ignored by the Democrats, and even as the Obama campaign has admitted, if it counted we might be dealing with President Hillary now. Then, when it came time to make his endorsement on the Republican side he picked the most comically inept geezer, and set him on the path to being destroyed by Obama in the general election. Then it came time for McCain to pick a running mate. Charlie knew if he was picked, McCain would surely carry Florida. So Charlie devised this whole weird thing where he married a woman to make it look like it was shrewd political move to quiet those gay rumors -- which in turn would only fire up those gay rumors -- so McCain was forced to pick this Sarah Palin character. Then, just to put the cherry on top and ensure an Obama victory he lengthened Florida's early voting hours.

Now, the bipartisan alliance of Barack Obama and Charlie Crist will take center stage tomorrow in Ft. Myers, Florida when the President stops to give a stimulus package infomercial. Crist will be there to introduce him.

Ripide may or may not actually be there live to witness this bipartisan political love affair for the ages!

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