Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio In War of the Man Hugs

Because Floridians honor the age old tradition of democracy so-so much, the current race for the state's open Senate seat now revolves around pictures of embarrassing man hugs. This truly was our founding fathers' dream.

On your left you'll find a picture Florida Governor Charlie Crist embracing then newly elected and popular Democratic United States President Barack Obama at an event in Ft. Myers to promote the administration's stimulus plan. The photo has become the main weapon in Marco Rubio's campaign against Crist for Florida's Republican Senate nomination.

On your right you'll find a picture of former Speaker of the House Marco Rubio embracing his Republican predecessor Ray Sansom. Sansom is currently facing charges of felony grand theft and conspiracy. He stepped down from the speaker's position last year, and resigned from the house yesterday to avoid an ethics trial. Crist's campaign, or his supporters at least, are now circulating the photo to hit back against Rubio's original man hug offensive.

We're not sure if this will be a fruitful tactic for Crist, but Rubio still has one more potentially harmful photo to unveil. An ace in the hole if you will.

​Why it's Crist with Obama ...and ...could it be? OMG ITS BLAGOJAVICH!! RUN FOR THE HILLS REPUBLICANS!!!!!

Ok, the photo was taken at a bipartisan event before Obama was inaugurated and Blagojevich had his own problems, so it really signifies nothing more than Crist being civil. However, if Republican voters in Florida are stupid enough to be swayed by pictures of man hugs, then they'll certainly fall for this.

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