Cell-Phone Store Worker Copies Customer's N00dz, Then Accidentally Shows the Pics to the Woman's Friend

It happens. Maybe you're a little drunk. You're feeling all sexy about yourself. Damn, you look good. You're in your bathroom, already in the buff. There's your cell phone. There's the mirror. Why not take a few sexy pictures? YOLO!

Well, because there are perverts in this world who want your intimate amateur photography.

According to ABC Action News, two young men who worked at a cell-phone store have found themselves fired and facing criminal charges after they stole n00dz from a customer's phone and showed them other customers.

The female customer visited the store to have data from her old phone transferred to her new one. Employee Joshua Stewart, age 24, took her phone to the back of the store to begin the transfer but also swiped a few of her naked pictures for himself.

He then showed them to a co-worker, Gregory Lampert, 26. The two then decided it would be a totally good idea to show the pictures to random customers. This was not a good idea at all, because one of the customers happened to know the victim. He contacted the woman, and she promptly called police.

"To show them to a complete stranger is obviously a sign of them bragging about it," Sgt. David Wyant of the Bartow Police Department told ABC Action News.

Lampert has been arrested. Stewart will be arrested when he returns from vacation.

During the investigation, police also found compromising pictures of another woman.

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