Cat Killer Suspect Gets Ordered to Undergo Evaluation, Might Like To Blow Up Own, um, "Stuff"

Tyler Hayes Weinman, the suspect in the cat killing spree, will not get bail his bail set at a hefty $250,000. He's also being forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. 

''I can say the investigation is being led by a lynch-mob mentality, steam-rolling Mr. Weinman's constitutional rights,'' his attorney David Macey told the Herald. He also cited the fact he had little time to prepare for the bond hearing. 

Meanwhile, the intrepid Bob Norman up at our sister paper in Broward, did a little digging around on the suspect. Bob found this wonderful comment on his MySpace (which has sense been deleted):
"yeah, remember when all we used to do was light fireworks or you would take dumps and then stick fireworks in them lmao"

The comments also suggest that Weinman liked to smoke weed, drink, might have done time in juvie or was under probation, and that girls thought he was cute, but a little weird.

Though, Norman suspects that he might have been kicked out of school for marijuana possesion.

It's being reported that Weinman might have been expelled from Miami Palmetto Senior High School because of it. If that's true, if a school expelled a kid because of a touch of the pot, then the school committed the first big crime here. Take a mischievous kid and throw him out of school for no good reason and see what horror he can come up with out of sheer boredom.

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Kyle Munzenrieder