Casey Anthony Defense Team Wants to Move Trial to Miami

We haven't really been paying that much attention to the Casey Anthony sage. We watched a Nightline episode on it once, decided it was far too sad and depressing to keep up with, and moved on. Well, Anthony's defense team is hoping that the rest of Miami-Dade is as out-of-the-loop about the ongoing headline hogging case as Riptide is, because they've filed a change of venue motion this afternoon to move the trial down here. 

Jose Baez, an attorney for Anthony, claims that if her trial was held in Orange County her right to a fair and impartial outcome would be violated, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Apparently, the fact that protesters regularly gather around the Anthony house with signs reading "Angel Killer," and the unending media coverage gave him the idea. 

In fact, the defense cited a study that showed out of the 10 television media markets in Florida, the Miami-Dade media came in 7th in terms of amount of coverage. 46% of the coverage in all the state came out of the Orlando area. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder