'Build It: Miami Beach Resort' Lets You Play Developer Queen of SoBe

Miami Shark let you destroy our city with a blood thirsty, big fish with an indiscriminate pallet, but a new casual game let's you build it up. If you ever wanted to play Carl Fisher or John Collins, Build It: Miami Beach Resort is your virtual chance.

The new game from Cerasus Media lets you control Claire Parker who inherits a lot of land and a lot or money from an uncle in the 1920s with the caveat she has to enters the hotel business. You then get 60 levels, equivalent to six decades, to turn the sleepy beach town into a tourism hotspot.

You start with Art Deco hotels and diners with rounded edges that resemble a certain spot on 11th Street, and soon include parks, night clubs, restaurants and bars. None of the reviews make mention of say, going through periods of poverty, drugs, crime and racial tension. Nor is there an option for failing players to lure a TV network to come down and produce a stylish cop drama to boost tourism, but Vice City this is not.

The game can be downloaded for PC or Mac for free, but after sixty minutes you have to purchase a $9.95 license to continue.

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