Bryce Brown Decides to Fast Before Announcing College Choice

I'm beginning to think that which ever school actually wins the Bryce Brown recruiting sweepstakes actually loses.

Last year Brown verbally committed to the 'Canes. Then he became the #1 ranked recruit in the nation according to Rivals.Com, and came under the influences of an adviser named Brian Butler. Since then the kid has gone on to act in such a juvenile and arrogant way that it would make Toddlers & Tiara blush. Warning to Brown, who we're sure has his eyes on a pro-career: this is the kind of arrogance that gets you signed to the Buffalo Bills because no one else will take you.

He's finally expected to come to a decision on which school he'll come to on Monday at 1pm. But get this, he'll do so after fasting.

From NoLa.com:

Butler claimed Brown will be doing a little fasting over the weekend in

an attempt to form a closer relationship with God which in turn will

hopefully send a message to Brown alerting him to select the correct

school on Monday afternoon.

"It's basically denying your flesh some of your habits, like eating, to

try to let God work through you and to be able to be closer to him,"

Butler said to Rivals.com. "It allows you to meditate and hear what he

has to say, basically.

"When it comes to the Bible, what they try to tell you is really don't

promote when you're doing it," Butler added. "This is how we feel it

helps you make a good decision, when you have an important one to make."

This is the most insane recruiting story Miami's been involved with since Willie Williams, except food ended up being a big part of Willie's descions.

I supposed we should be lucky that it seems Miami is no longer Brown's first choice.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.