Blogging Bristol Palin's Baby Bump

We're treading on new turf here. As my esteemed colleague points out the McCain campaign announced Bristol Palin's pregnancy in response to dirt-digging bloggers, certainly the first time the blogosphere has caused a ripple in a presidential campaign.

So why are bloggers acting like such effete pussies about it?

I first was informed that Bristol Palin existed by the Daily Kos, where an anonymous diarist now-notoriously accused the Alaskan governor of masking her daughter's child as her own - a post that has since been removed. The diarist, more than a bit defensively, insisted this should be exposed for Bristol's dignity -- even though publicly scrutinizing a teenager's sex life for the sake of dignity makes about as much sense as gargling a martini before taking a sobriety test.

Then Jezebel whined that we shouldn't talk about it-- all the while linking to the salacious accusations. Talk about scolding the blogger and blogging it too.

What's with all the consernation? Since when did the internet get morals? People don't turn to internet for the Old Gray Lady, unless you're talking about that sweet woman over at SluttyGrannies.com.

Where's the honest, blood-in-the-water glee? Do you think it took long for Bill O'Reilly to decide to air Jesse Jackson's "I wanna cut his nuts off" commercial break declaration about Obama? Our argument: if that well-paid moron can be so shameless, well, by God, bloggers better keep pace.

Here at Riptide, if we can dig up something juicy about Sarah Palin's backcountry fam, you can bet we'll publish it. And we won't claim any altruistic reason either. We'll do it all for the pageviews.

-- Gus Garcia-Roberts

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