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Remember the 95 Express lanes, also known as the Lexus lanes? Well, here is hoping they figure out how to put the "express" back in the name because according to Some Cranky Guy, they aren't exactly working out as planned:

Before the 95expressNot lanes, I could easily do 30 or 40, along with everyone else. But now, 10 miles per hour. But even at that, I was literally zooming passed everyone on the other side of the cones. The poor people in the express lanes were stopped dead. Occasionally they would speed up to 3 MPH, but that wasn’t even close to my blazing 10 MPH.

This again demostrates the sheer stupidity, incompetence and greed that our government possess. Basically, they got cash from Washington to do something, and they decided to do what would personally benefit them. Not the city. Not the county. Not the drivers. Not the taxpayers. Them. Just like any government.

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-- Jose D. Duran

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