Blind Item: Gay Republican Coke Parties in Miami?

So listen. Read this with the same grain of salt you read a Michael Musto column. Or perhaps a bit more, because we don't even know if it's true.

Anyway, after yesterday's news that an anti-gay Republican state senator in California was charged with a DUI after leaving a gay club, this story of a bunch of high-powered, highly closeted gay Florida GOP activists appeared in Gawker's comments and got its own post.

Supposedly there's a secret "fraternity" of right-wing closet cases in Florida who like to do blow and get touchy-feely with twinky escorts in Miami hotels.

I had the misfortune of spending a week in Miami (long story) with a young closeted couple who were both deeply entrenched in the Florida political scene, had been actively involved at a pretty high level with the McCain/Palin campaign, worked for Giuliani during the fast-burning fiasco that was that, and served under many other apparently notable Republican leaders I didn't know or very much care to. Anyway, we found ourselves at an all-male private party in a hotel room where several GOPers of varying age in all their Brooks Brothered pant pleated glory spent the better part of a Saturday night bitching nonsensically about Obama as they did mountains of blow and flirted with twinky escorts. One of these young rethugs gave me a long coke-induced diatribe about the gay republican circuit being this secret fraternity that was, believe it or not, exclusive! The holy grail of self-hating homos for who gorging on cock in taxpayer-funded hotel suites was a drama-free weekend hobby, and weren't they so lucky that they didn't have to worry about coming out or never having a wife and kids and good Christian shit like that.

So I know big news right? I'm forever-naive so the whole scene shocked the hell out of me, but anyway, what astounded me more that just the blatant hypocrisy on display was how willfully ignorant these bags of fuck were. When I asked my friends (after several vodka sodas (and I'm using "friends" loosely here)) how they could devote their careers to actively ruining the lives of gay people, they just shrugged. So steeped in denial and self-hatred, they couldn't for the life of them comprehend the morally bankrupt hypocrisy of their actions.

Who in hell knows if it's true, but can you believe that somehow this story doesn't involve Charlie Crist?

[Gawker: Im In Ur Govmint, Denyin Ur Ritez]

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Kyle Munzenrieder