Blanket Jackson: Al Malnik is Not the Father

Al Malnik continued his "I am going to talk about Michael Jackson until everyone stops caring" tour yesterday on the Today Show. 

He brought new personal photos, but wanted to clear up a few things. Like the rumor he is the biological father of Jackson's youngest son Blanket

"Of course I'm not the biological father," he told host Meredith Viera.

Malnik, who apparently had a fallen out with Jackson a few years ago, didn't have any problem sharing the rest of his knowledge about Jackson's family life though. 

"Michael's kids clean their rooms, they make up their beds, polish the mirrors and they take care of everything. Each and every morning, their first chore after breakfast was to clean their room," he said. 

He also refuted claims of Jackson's drug problems: "He led a very, very healthy life and just devoted himself to having a nice time, writing his songs, being with his children and enjoying life. I think the drug problem that he is always accused of having is exaggerated many, manyfold."

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Kyle Munzenrieder