Behold the Top 10 Most Dangerous Spots to Bike in Miami

This blog post is dedicated to the snot-nosed raver kid who almost killed me Saturday night. I was the redhead on the bike. You were in an Escalade, thumping that bad techno song from the '90s. I'm pretty sure you were even sporting a sideways visor. Maybe you were driving to a theme party called "Dress up Like a Giant Cliché." Probably.

Remember how you almost manslaughtered me? God, that was so much fun.

Well, it got me thinking. Where is a biker most likely to run into a guy like you? Turns out there's a study. Here are the "top-ranked bicycle crash hotspots," according to the county's most recent data. (Check out the report here.)

1. Crandon Boulevard at Harbor Drive, Key Biscayne

2. Alton Road and 17th Street, Miami Beach

3. Alton Road and 15th Street, Miami Beach

4. Euclid Avenue at Fifth Street, Miami Beach

5. NW 27th Avenue at NW 79th Street, Miami

6. Meridian Ave at 11th Street, Miami Beach

7. NW 22nd Ave at NW 62nd Street, Miami

8. Washington Avenue at 17th Street, Miami Beach

9. Washington Avenue at Española Way, Miami Beach

10. East Bay Road at NE 71st Street, Miami Beach

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Natalie O'Neill
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