Barack Obama in Town Today to Ruin Your Commute (and Campaign for Hillary)

In case Democrats and the #NeverTrump crowd didn't have enough reason to mobilize for Election Day, the Donald did them a big favor at the debate last night. Refusing to promise to accept a peaceful transition of power is not the kind of move likely to up your approval ratings with undecided voters. 

In the wake of Donald Trump's debate meltdown last night, a guy whose poll numbers have rarely been higher is coming to town: Barack Obama, who's as popular now as conservative figurehead Ronald Reagan was just before he left office in 1988, is headed to South Florida to campaign for Hillary today.

So Obama might face the toughest likability test of his entire presidency: Can he screw up Miami highway traffic all day and still remain in South Florida's good graces?

Barry O will stump for his former secretary of state. Obama was supposed to speak in Miami two weeks ago, but the impending maelstrom of Hurricane Matthew put the temporary kibosh on that visit.

Today he'll host a rally for Hillary Clinton at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens from 1 to 4 p.m., according to the Clinton campaign's website. The Miami Herald reports that Obama will also give a talk on the Affordable Care Act at Miami Dade College's Wolfson Campus at 2 p.m. in downtown Miami.

Given the fact that Obama's motorcade will need to head from Miami Gardens all the way across the county, Miami Beach Police are already warning people to prepare for gridlock. Beach PD says I-95 and areas north of NE 41st Street will likely be jammed.

The department warns that people trying to dodge the gridlock should use the Venetian or MacArthur Causeway instead.

All things considered, expect Obama to cruise through both speeches with relative ease today. Obama is flying high, no presidential candidate has ever come back from the polling deficit Trump faces right now, and Democrats are feeling confident about their chance to retain the White House and take back the Senate.

Oh, and definitely expect some jokes from Obama about the Donald's latest conspiracy theories that will allow Trump to refuse to concede after Election Day. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.