Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorses Charlie Crist Over Twitter

Obviously one overly tan, moderate governor of a large and sunny state would have the back of another. Yes, America's most famous action hero turned Governor, California' Arnold Schwarzenegger has bucked his own party and endorsed independent Crist through his Twitter.

Schwarzenegger made the announcement today:

It's funny to remember that just a few years ago both Crist and Schwarzenegger were seen as stars in the Republican party even as they often crossed the aisle. After the GOP took a hard right, they both found themselves out of favor. Crist ditched the party to seek the Senate. Schwarzenegger has no reason to leave the party at this point but certainly isn't playing nice with other Republicans. It's rumored that he won't even endorse the Republican in the race to replace him as Governor.

Crist is more than happy to have the Governator's endorsement, and has released the following statement:

"Governor Schwarzenegger has led California through extraordinarily difficult times in a bipartisan way. We have worked together on such crucial issues as reducing climate change and promoting alternative energy. I'm honored to have the support of this independent leader."

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Kyle Munzenrieder