Arianna Huffington Did Not Say Marco Rubio Looked Like "A Central American Dictator"

Depending on your point of view Marco Rubio looks like a lot of things: a red blooded American hunk set to save the county, an overgrown 12-year-old with a Justin Bieber mop haircut, or, apparently, a Central American dictator. Liberal web empress Arianna Huffington stands accused of throwing the latest, perhaps racist comparison around on Twitter, but she says she was merely quoting a GOP strategist.

Here's the tweet Arianna, conservative-turned-liberal political commentator and propriety of The Huffington Post, issued in the early hours of November 3. Huffington was apparently referring to Rubio's acceptance speech at the Biltmore Hotel during which the stage was in no shortage of American and Floridian flags.

The comment is particularly troubling considering Rubio's parents fled Cuba, a country ruined by one of the worst Latin American dictator. Saying Rubio looks "Central American" when he's in fact a Cuban-American is just sloppy and ignorant in a "you people all look the same to me" kind of way.

For once, we're going to have to agree with, oh boy, Andrew Breitbart.

"Of course the mainstream media will fail to notice that this is a racist comment, which is no less racist than if a Republican compared Obama to Idi Amin," he writes over at Big Hollywood.

Huffington issues a clarification directed at Breitbart. Down was the chief strategist for George W. Bush's 2004 re-election, and is now a contributor to ABC news.

Here's the question Huffington really needs to answer: Was she passing on the quote because she thought it was funny or was she just highlighting a potentially inflammatory quote about Rubio from a former GOP insider for semi-journalistic purposes.

Let's not forget, Sarah Palin is in yet another one of her mini-scandals for favoriting a racist Tweet about President Obama.

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Kyle Munzenrieder