Are Americans Addicted to Political Dynasties? Jeb Bush for President Boosters Hope So

Name recognition and family connections seems to go along in politics. Salon's Steve Kornacki points out that "there have been 15 presidential elections since 1952, and in all but two -- 1964 and 2008 -- the Republican ticket has included someone named 'Nixon,' 'Dole,' or 'Bush,'" and wonders if we're headed to a Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton showdown in 2016. 

Though Jebbers has repeatedly denied he's going to run in 2012, he's dropped some speculation recently he could have his eyes on 2016. Just recently he announced he'd be a "proud younger brother of George W. Bush and a proud son of George H.W. Bush," if he ever sought elected office again.

You have to wonder if Jeb was just some former Florida Governor not named Bush if there'd even be much rumble about his presidential ambitions. Hell it makes you wonder if he'd even be a former Florida Governor in the first place. 

Though, he's got the name recognition and even if he shares it with his shamed ex-Prez brother, it doesn't seem to work against him.

"What's interesting about Bush's recent rumblings is how little his brother's disastrous presidency seems to be a factor in news coverage and commentary," writes Kornacki. "When his name has been included in '12 trial heats, Bush has fared well against the GOP field."

If you take Miami's own political scene as a microcosm of how name recognition and family connections works that shouldn't be surprised. 
  • Frank Carollo and Francis Suarez, the brother and son of two former city Mayors -- two mayors, by the way, who are widely considered to have been embarrassments -- were easily elected to the City Council this past year. 
  • Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart easily carpet bagged his way into another district to replace his brother Lincoln Diaz-Balart this past election with no one blinking an eye. 
  • With virtually no experience Raquel Regalado, the daughter or current Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, easily nagged herself a spot on the school board.
That's just a recent sampling of Miami-Dade's incestuous political scene and says nothing of the mini family dynasties of the Diaz de la Portillas, Meeks and others. 

So if the rest of America is anything like Miami (and this may be one of the few ways in which it is) Bush shouldn't have any problems with his last name should he ever run for President. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder