Anti-Gay Group Says Rick Scott Is Hosting a Prayer Day (Updated, again)

Update 2:54 p.m.: Rick Scott spokesman Lane Wright said there's no day of prayer and no Florida event planned, and that Scott has not committed either way to the Texas event.

Update 7:22 p.m.: Welp, Wright was wrong. He called back and said the governor actually issued a proclamation last month declaring a day of prayer for the state. More details to come.

Update, 6/13/11: It's on. Kind of. Broward-Palm Beach New Times has the deets.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry invited the 49 other governors to his football-stadium prayerfest spectacular in August, but Rick Scott might do him one better -- the Bald Terror may be hosting his own prayer day. Take THAT, Dirk Nowitzki.

Scott's prayer day was mentioned in passing in a blog post from the Family Research Council, an anti-gay group co-founded by Miami activist and preacher George Rekers, who was disaffiliated from his many rainbow-bashing connections after we done caught him taking a young male escort to Europe last year.

But despite the Family Research Council's claim that it's totally possible to un-gay someone by using therapy, its blog-jockey deserves some

credit for a creative headline: It's the much-lamer "For the Gov of God"

now, but it appears to have originally been "Eat Pray Gov."

(NOTE: CNN has produced a three-part special report about the suicide of one of Rekers' former patients; the final installment airs 10 p.m. Thursday night.)

Though we haven't heard back from the governor's office for confirmation, Scott pushing religion is no surprise -- especially given his previous role as the crazy preacher from Poltergeist II.

While it's unclear if Scott is hosting a physical event or just declaring a day of prayer (or if the Family Research Council got it wrong), Perry's definitely throwing a party -- more than 70,000 people are expected at Reliant Stadium for the event, which is being sponsored by the American Family Association, an organization so friendly to the LGBT community that the Southern Poverty Law Center declared them a hate group.

Does anyone ever pray with a group that doesn't mind gay people? It's OK, though -- Perry's good at praying. He does it whenever he needs something he can't buy.

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