Ann Coulter Hates Newspapers

For some reason, syndicated newspaper columnist Ann Coulter would very much like to see newspapers die. Presumably because information is a tool of the secular left. She says this is good for news because, uh, it will create more competition. Even though, in South Florida's case, the popular theory is that if either the Herald or the Sentinel bites the dust, the other might take the opportunity to become one massive superpaper for all of South Florida. Surprisingly Coulter isn't making a lot of sense.

Riptide wonders if Coulter has a preference for which paper she'd like to see die first. Probably the Herald, since columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. hates Coulter almost as much she hates newspapers. We're not going to say he's exactly obsessed, but he has written numerous, numerous columns about his tall, blond, and nasty object of scorn.

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-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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