Allen West Finally Concedes His House Seat In The Least Gracious Manner Possible

Well, we don't have Allen West to push around any more. After two weeks fighting his razor thin loss to newcomer Patrick Murphy, demanding recounts, and calling on fellow Tea Party patriots to battle for his cause, the craziest guy in Congress has finally conceded this morning. And, in vintage Allen West form, he did not go graciously into the night, declaring that "many questions remain unanswered" on his way out the door.

Like this one, for instance: How the hell was Allen West ever an elected U.S. Congressman?

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Don't get us wrong. As journalists, West has been our MVUP (Most Valuable Unhinged Politician) for the past two years.

Remember the time he told a Muslim questioner at a town hall meeting that "you attacked us"? Or the time he said Democrats practice "the most insidious form of slavery in the world today"? Or hey, even that time before he was in Congress when he nearly got kicked out of the Army for sticking a detainee's head into a barrel of water and shooting a gun into it.

Fun times, Allen West.

Those days are over now, after West -- who was denied multiple legal challenges over his election day loss to Murphy -- conceded this morning.

Not that he thinks he lost, necessarily! In his lengthy concession statement (which you can read in full at Naked Politics), West says he believes "many questions remain unanswered" about his loss and that "there are certainly still inaccuracies." But "given the extremely high evidentiary hurdles" to keeping up the legal fight, West says he's decided to concede the race.

It's a solid bet we haven't heard the last of Allen West. If Fox News doesn't come calling tomorrow with a punditry gig (which they will), West already has offers to move up to Georgia and run for a GOP seat there.

As for us Florida watchers, we'll just have to hope the newly reelected Allen Grayson can bring that special blend of Sunshine State insanity back to Capitol Hill.

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