Alex Sink Campaign Named Worst of 2010 by MSNBC

With an election cycle filled with such odd candidates as Alvin Greene, Christine O'Donnell, and Carl Paladino, who did MSNBC chose as the worst candidate of 2010? Florida Democratic Governor nominee Alex Sink. The channel's Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie handed out the award this morning on The Daily Rundown. For a candidate who didn't have to issue a denial that she was a witch it seems a bit harsh, but Sink did blow a pretty easy chance at victory.

Sink's biggest crime, according to MSNBC, is that she lost to Rick Scott -- a man with no political experience who ran a company involved in the biggest medicare fraud case in American history. In other words, with competition like that it should have been a home run.

But Sink failed to excite Florida's democratic base or provide much of a message, and low turnout, especially here in South Florida, sealed her fate and ushered Scott into the Gov Mansion.

So Sink's dubious honor is more for narrowly blowing an easy opportunity, and not for a full out embarrassing campaign breakdown a la O'Donnell.

Charlie Crist also made the list for his ill-fated independent run.

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