Alex Rodriguez's Greatest Awkward GIF Moments

Ahhhh Alex Rodriguez, such an easy target these days. Love him or hate him, you gotta admit the hometown slugger just makes poking fun at him so effortless.

With A-Rod still dominating every tabloid in the nation thanks to a certain newspaper (ahem ahem) blowing the lid on a certain steroid scandal, it seems like the right time to revisit A-Rod's most awkward moments in GIF form.

That moment you find out the Miami New Times just busted your ass.

I like to imagine this is A-Rod's reaction after eating Taco Bell breakfast.

"Hehehehehehe..heh...heh....guys...hey......oh yeah that steroids thing."

"Yeah, put some meat on those bones, bitch." - Cameron Diaz

"John Travolta? Oh, Robinson. Heh, just kidding I've never met John Travolta. Seriously."

"Hi Braun"

Two hands like a pro.

Pictured: A-Rod taking Jeter's nickname of "Captain Clutch" a tad too far.

I imagine this gif is like porn to Brian Cashman and Bud Selig.

The time A-Rod killed a guy.

Moments in uncomfortable A-Rod celebration dot com backslash pause.

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