After Jersey Shore Leaves, You Can Stay in Their Hotel Room for Just $2,000 a Night

The Herald ran a story this weekend on Jersey Shore and other reality shows on South Beach, which we promptly ignored because reading the Herald is literally a job to us, and we don't work on the weekend. Not at this price. Anyway there is one little detail we'd like to highlight, lest it be completely ignored.

The cast is staying at the Metropole Hotel (which we've never heard of and sounds like a public strip club) where they apparently have a two-month deal, that included knocking down walls to make a bigger pad.

The Metropole intends to offer the "Jersey Shore Suite" for $2,000 a night, [owner Alan] Lieberman said he can't imagine the show of big hair and bigger mouths delivering a premium even half that size to a 1940s hotel two blocks from the beach with no spa, restaurant or full-sized pool.

At $2,000 a night I hope they thoroughly sanitize the room afterward. Two thousand dollars is like a years worth of tanning booth sessions with enough left over for tons of laundry.

In other Jersey Shore hi-jinks, seems like the cast is working at a gelato shop.

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Kyle Munzenrieder