After Biden Meets With Haitian-Americans, He'll Collect Some Campaign Cash

That earthquake in Haiti? Vice President Joe Biden is totally going to be all over it. He'll be in South Florida Saturday to meet with the Haitian-American community and relief workers, which we're sure is not just a token gesture and an opportunity for a photo op. No, not at all. This is the only thing he's thinking about this weekend: Haiti. He absolutely has no hidden agenda for making a trip to Florida. I mean, he is going to get some important vice presidential work done on this situation even if it takes him until Sunday, dammit.

Oh, wait. Sunday? Actually, Biden will be busy with his wife Jill at a fundraiser. A fundraiser for earthquake victims? Nope. A fundraiser for the Democratic Party.

Biden will head to decidedly un-Democratic Naples for a $1,000-per-person fundraiser at the fancy Gordon Drive home of Mona and Jack Antaramian. Want a photo with the Gaffe Machine? That'll cost you $10,000. Want to be "cochair" of the committee? $34,000.

Want to help Haiti? Uh, apparently there's no option for that.

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